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  • Unique in Montreal - The only traditional South Indian Restaurant.
  • Quite different from traditional Indian food.
  • 80% vegetarian menu, also mostly Vegan.
  • Most dishes are Gluten-Free.
  • All our dishes are Halal.
  • Family style restaurant & Children's menu.
  • We are B.Y.O.W. (beer, wine).
  • Large private party room for meetings and events (cap. 80-100).

Thanjai Restaurant in Montreal makes 6 foot Dosa !

Opening Hours
Mon:11:30am-10pm *
Wed:11:30am-10pm *
Thu:11:30am-10pm *
Fri:11:30am-10:30pm *
Mon - Fri: 15:00 to 17:00 Closed.
THANJAI Restaurant
4759 Van Horne,
Montreal, H3W 1H8,
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South Indian cuisine is nowhere near as popular as North Indian food in Montreal simply because of shortage, but Kumaresan Muthukrishnan and his wife Geetha are determined to shed some light on the staples they grew up eating with their restaurant, Thanjai...Read more

Congratulations to Thanjai Restaurant!

TripAdvisor is delighted to award Thanjai Restaurant the 2015 Certificate of Excellence. This achievement is a direct result of your consistently great reviews from TripAdvisor travelers.

Dosas, Idlis, Bondas, Vadas … while these words appeal to South Indians longing for a taste of home, they also arouse the curiosity of Montreal restaurant goers looking to discover new facets of Indian cuisine.

Thanjai, Montreal’s first Authentic South Indian Restaurant, fulfills both these desires. It is comfortingly familiar to the Indian community who have made it their second home. Furthermore, it is the first to expose Montreal foodies to Indian gastronomy beyond the more ubiquitous cuisine of the North.

Hailing from the states of Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh, Thanjai’s dishes offer Montrealers the opportunity to sample the healthy, vibrant flavours of South India. Favouring the use of different spices over excessive oil, South Indian cuisine satisfies taste buds while minding waistlines!

Today a resounding success, Thanjai has a come a long way from its humble beginnings as a 10-seat counter on Victoria Avenue. Since 2012, its more spacious location on Van Horne Avenue has introduced even more people to such delicacies as the tangy Chicken 65, the crispy Masala Dosa, the fluffy idli and the fragrant Hyderabadi-style biryani. Thanjai is the one and only restaurant makes 6 foot Dosa in North America and it’s on the regular menu.

With enough seats to accommodate 70 and an 80-100 capacity private hall, Thanjai invites you to partake in this sumptuous South Indian feast!

Notice to customers
To our beloved customers.

On behalf of Thanjai Restaurant I would like to express my thanks to one and all for your continued support. Due to the excellent review about our restaurant in the journal LA PRESSE, in the recent times we are overwhelmed with new customers that visit our restaurant to try and enjoy our cuisine. I would like to request our dear customers to make advance reservations to book the table, particularly during weekends. Our customers call us in advance well ahead of their visit to make sure that their seats are reserved. We are experiencing difficulties with walk in customers, who come in groups and had to wait for a while. Having said that, we try our best to accommodate them within a given time. We are not certainly overbooked than we could handle. In general, we review our bookings on a day to day basis and clearly let customers know that we are not taking reservations until seats are available. We also let the walk in customers know the approximate waiting time. We also consider families with kids and seniors. Once the seat is given, we would never take 15 minutes to give menu card and other services. Also, service is based on the sequence of the order and priorities are given to kids, elderly and pregnant ladies to serve first. We have experienced that customers call one hour before and wanted to book a seat on a busy weekend, which is not quite practical as the house is full. Also, our customers come in groups with families and friends to eat, talk and enjoy the ambiance. It is not polite and fair to ask them leave soon to give room for walk in customers. Even then, all our customers so far understand the situation and they voluntarily give room to others.

To walk in customers, they always think that seats are empty, but they are not given the seat. This is not true because we reserve the table for customers 15 minutes in advance. We do this because on several occasions customer turn in advance ahead of their reservation time, sometimes they call us and let us know that they are running late and wants to hold the place for sometime, which is understandable. Also, during this time, we are unable to take walk in customers because restaurant is already full and kitchen is busy in preparation. In spite of this situation, even if we give room to walk in customers, they had to rush through their dining and customers will not feel happy because they had to leave soon and are always under pressure to eat fast and cannot enjoy eating. As the kitchen is busy, it would take time to serve that particular table and by the time we serve them, customers who had advance reservation will present themselves and we had to answer them. This will generate arguments and confusion, which will spoil the ambiance for all.,

The other important thing I would like to share is that during busy hours we are unable to take any take out orders as it would block the kitchen. This is being clearly explained to all our customers by our staffs. Please register your suggestions, comments in the feedback form which is enclosed in the billing wallet that is given to all customers. Also, talk to our staffs, manager to express your personal opinion and we always listen to your concerns.

Thank you very much for your continuous support.

Thanjai Management

We now have 70 seats capacity and an 80 to 100 seats hall facility for private parties, business meetings and receptions - Contact us for more details.